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      Christian Mikkelsen
             Rasmus Mikkelsen
      About Us
      Christian and Rasmus are 23 year old identical twins (and best friends) that have been full time online business owners and entrepreneurs ever since their college drop out days. 

      They began building their online businesses while at college and as soon as they were making enough money to pay for living, they dropped out (with 4.0 GPAs), packed their bags and moved overseas to Thailand.

      Between the two of them, they have published over 150 audiobooks over the span of 2 years. With their audiobook businesses making passive income in the background, it gives them time to make YouTube videos full time, provide coaching for their students and work on other side projects.

      Their online businesses have given them the freedom to truly live their dream life. For now, that is traveling around the world living wherever they want for as long as they want, while doing whatever they want.
      Us hiking through the bamboo forest in Maui, Hawaii
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      What's Inside?
        Module 1
      How to Get the Right Mindset and Guarantee Success with Audiobook Income Academy
        Module 2
      Setting Up your Passive Audiobook Publishing Business
       Module 3
      How to Find High Demand and Low Competition Niches and Topics for your Audiobooks with EASE
         Module 4
      How to Outsource for the Highest Quality Books at the Lowest Prices
        Module 5
      How to Easily Create Your own Audiobooks that will Sell for Years
        Module 6
      Getting Your Audiobooks Ready for Production (Step-By-Step)
       Module 7
      Elite Pricing Strategies for Maximum Sales and Huge Profits
        Module 8
      How to Get Professional Audiobook Narration at the Lowest Prices
        Module 9
      Easy Methods to Gather Reviews and Market Your Audiobooks
        Module 10
      How to Add the Biggest Source of Income and Make it Super Passive
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      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      Audiobook Income Academy is the premier step-by-step course for building your audiobook business. We guarantee you will love it.

      Which is why we have a 30 Day Actionable 100% Money Back Guarantee where you have 30 days to take action and implement what you are learning and if you are not receiving results, you can get a full refund!

      ⭐ Student Success ⭐
      Listen to what Emeka Ossai Has to Say About Audiobook Income Academy
      Ollie El-Gorr
      I, like many of you, was guilty of neglecting the potential of ACX for a long time. I applied 2 things I learned from the The Twins in July and got a 250% increase in royalties compared to June.
      Brock Way
      The Mikkelsen Twins have over delivered in every way when it comes to making money online and, more importantly, growing my Amazon business. Unlike most coaches, the twins do not hide highly profitable secrets and tips that they know of, making it a no brainer to watch their valuable content on YouTube and get one-on-one coaching. Not to mention they’re the experts of the new and booming business model that is audiobooks and ACX.
      Rob Anderson
      Christian and Rasmus are awesome people and true experts at self publishing audiobooks. The content on their YouTube channel is stuff you won’t hear anywhere else and shows they actually practice what they preach and aren’t making money off giving advice based on zero experience like some. From our coaching call, I was given all the knowledge I feel I need to succeed and take my publishing business to the next level!! 100% would recommend!
      50+ Lessons and Over 8 Hours of In Depth Training
      Lesson 1: The Mindset You Need for Success
      Lesson 2: Frequently Asked Questions
      Lesson 3: How To Diversify and Build a Complete Self Publishing Business
      Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Accounts
      Lesson 5: Audiobook Niches to Avoid
      Lesson 6: The Most Profitable Audiobook Niches to Publish In
      Lesson 7: Introduction to Keyword Research
      Lesson 8: Keyword Research Strategy #1
      Lesson 9: Keyword Research Strategy #2
      Lesson 10: Keyword Research Strategy #3
      Lesson 11: Keyword Research Strategy #4
      Lesson 12: Keyword Research Strategy #5
      Lesson 13: How to Create Massively Profitable Audiobook Bundles
      Lesson 14: How to Find Low Competition Keywords for You to Dominate
      Lesson 15: How to Find Talented Writers for a Low Price
      Lesson 16: How to Create the Best Title for Maximum Exposure 
      Lesson 17: How to use Your Pen Name to Rank
      Lesson 18: How to Create Best Selling Book Covers
      Lesson 19: Translated Audiobooks
      Lesson 20: How to Write Your Own Audiobooks
      Lesson 21: Ideas for Audiobooks You can Write Yourself 
      Lesson 22: Pricing Strategy for Maximum Profit
      Lesson 23: How to Find the Best Narrators
      Lesson 24: How to Promote Your Audiobooks
      Lesson 25: How to Gather Reviews for Audiobooks
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      Frequently Asked Questions
        Who is this course for?
      Audiobook Income Academy is for people that already have a publishing business and want to expand it by mastering audiobook sales and it is also for people that have never published a book before and have no online business experience at all. Although we focus on audiobooks specifically, we walk you through the process of market research, getting your first book written, narrated and up for sale on Amazon and 
        What if I'm not satisfied with the course?
      Considering that there is over 8 hours of in depth video content in this course, it's impossible to go through every lesson and feel like you did not get your money's worth. But if you have gotten you are getting your first audiobook produced and you followed all our steps and you still are not satisfied with your purchase of Audiobook Income Academy, we will give you a full refund within 30 days.
        When can I get started publishing audiobooks?
      As soon as you purchase Audiobook Income Academy, you will receive your log in details and have full access to all of the contents inside.
        I have more questions that are not answered here, how do I get answers? 
      If you have any questions at all about the course, you can email us at We will always give you a straight answer, just allow us at least 24 hours to respond.
      That answers my questions,
      I want to get started already!
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